It’s easy to start thinking that one fixture is pretty much like another aside from details like the appearance, a few bells and whistles, and the cost. For example, you might have 15 recessed 2×4 troffers in a large room, so you think: to replace these, I’m going to need 12 new fixtures. So then the questions are:

What do you want to spend?
What do you want the fixtures to look like?
What additional features do you want, if any?
Do you need to make any concessions to get the budget you have to match the features you want?

These are all good and necessary questions that need to be addressed. But the VersaForm from Philips opens up another possibility: removing fixtures.

Wider, smoother distribution

Most recessed troffers have a basic cosine light distribution, which directs most of the light directly beneath the fixture (see Figure 1). On the other hand, VersaForm has a batwing distribution, which reduces the light sent straight down and throws more light out between 35-45°, lighting the space between the fixtures (see Figure 2). This not only results in more even lighting on the task surface but also allows fixtures to be spread farther apart without compromising light levels.

Cosine distribution

[Figure 1 – Photometry from Philips EvoGrid 2×4]

Batwing distribution

[Figure 2 – Photometry from Philips VersaForm 2×4]

So the school with 15 fixtures per classroom can potentially relocate their fixtures with VersaForm and cut out a row, resulting in 12 fixtures. This translates to lower energy costs and lower maintenance costs, without sacrificing light quality in the process.

Even more options

VersaForm doesn’t just have a superior distribution – it offers many other advantages as well. It uses advanced optics to reduce glare, making the space more visually comfortable. And VersaForm is available with a wide variety of controls for increasing energy savings, including daylight harvesting, as well as wireless, kinetic- and solar-powered switches.

VersaForm demonstrates that premium fixtures can offer more than just a higher price tag. In this case, as in many others, the additional cost provides superior performance, more features, and new possibilities.

Are you ready to find out what your lighting could look like with VersaForm? Contact your Voss sales rep today for more information.

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