The Voss Story


Henry Voss founded the Voss Electric Company in 1939. Working out of his home in Lincoln, Nebraska, he built his company selling light bulbs in Nebraska and Kansas, one case at a time.  Henry’s business philosophy was simple: Grow one customer at a time and keep that customer with superior service. Offering a variety of products that not only lasted longer but also consumed less energy Henry’s business philosophy was proven sound and, in time, he became a distributer for the major manufacturers of his day.

By the 1970’s Voss was a family business with Henry and his son Mike servicing small and large retail businesses, industrial, schools, municipalities, and state agencies.

Over the next few decades, under the leadership of Mike, the company experienced tremendous growth expanding to, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Kansas City. Today Voss has 14 branches across the country from Raleigh, NC to Phoenix, AZ.

Through the years the number one goal of both Henry and Mike has been to use their company to “Sell to Tell.” It has been their desire that in “selling” lighting products, they might have the opportunity to “tell” of God’s soul-saving, life transforming gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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