Welcome! It is a privilege for me to be able to review for you the historical milestones of Voss Lighting, an independent lighting distributor headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. We specialize in the sales and distribution of Philips light bulbs and Advance ballasts all around our beloved country, the United States of America. It is my hope that those who desire to know more about us will enjoy this factual and hopefully fun tour through our history, which began before the “Great Depression” – and is continuing into our new Millennium.

Henry Voss (1915-1997), the man God selected to found Voss Electric in 1939, was an early pioneer in America’s “lighting specialty” industry. So we must begin our historical review by tracing the Voss family’s background to 1876. As your mind travels back in time, it is our hope you too will be thankful for our country and proud of its emblem of freedom, our grand old American flag; it represents the hard-earned freedom we’ve all been given, enabling extended Voss family generations the opportunity to help make America better and also to be used by our Lord to make the Bible’s saving gospel known.

Michael H. Voss, President, Voss Lighting

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