Easily upgrade to LED from fluorescent.


Philips InstantFit LED 4-pin lamps make the transition to LED from CFL 4-pin lamps as simple as replacing a lamp. With both vertical and horizontal options and a wide array of color temperatures, the InstantFit LED lamps can quickly and effectively replace compact fluorescent lamps. The horizontal version includes a rotatable end cap to ensure the light is correctly aimed.

Easy to experience
  • Replaces compact fluorescent lamps (4-pin)
  • Compatible with a wide range of ballasts
  • Fits into existing G24q/GX24 fluorescent sockets
  • Eliminates the need for rewiring by using the existing CFL 4-pin lamps ballast
  • Lasts up to two times longer than comparable fluorescent tubes reducing maintenance
Sustainable Lighting Solution
  • Energy savings of up to 60%
  • No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal
Superior Performance
  • Best-in-class flux, intensity and beam quality
  • Long life: 40,000-hour rated life
  • Minimal color shift & stable flux output throughout lifetime
  • No harmful UV radiation


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