Philips Gardco EcoForm

ECF_400The Philips Gardco EcoForm redefines value through outstanding performance and breadth of offering. EcoForm combines nine different lumen packages, four distribution patterns, and six integral control options to create an innovative, efficient, performance and value driven product suitable for a full range of site and area applications. EcoForm features a single, low profile housing design and delivers a variety of lumen packages, making it the perfect choice for replacing existing HID installations.

  • Maximizes pole spacing
  • Up to 53% energy savings over HID
  • Seamless replacement of existing luminaires
  • Produces more light from fewer LEDs



  • Nine different lumen packages available
  • Retrofit arm available
  • Optimized distribution patterns
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Four distribution patterns available, including shielding options


  • Parks and Plazas
  • Road and Street
  • Bridges, Monuments, Facades
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